Vehicle Maintenance Tracker - Notion Template

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Template Overview

This is a Notion template designed for vehicle maintenance management, aiming to help us keep track of maintenance, repair, and care records during our daily use of vehicles. πŸš— πŸš— πŸš—

Here, we can also make detailed records of the expenses incurred during vehicle use, facilitating comprehensive management and review of our vehicle expenses. Furthermore, it's an automated template where you only need to maintain records of each maintenance session and the related expenses will be automatically calculated.

Core Features:

  1. Comprehensive Recording of Vehicle Maintenance History: This template provides a complete recording platform, allowing us to easily record the date, content, and expenses of each maintenance, repair, and care event. Through this, we can establish a complete vehicle maintenance history record, facilitating long-term tracking and review of the health status of our vehicles.
  2. Detailed Recording of Expense Consumption: In addition to maintenance history records, the template also allows us to make detailed records of the expenses incurred during each maintenance and care event. This enables us to clearly understand the maintenance costs of our vehicles, thereby better controlling and managing our vehicle expenses.
  3. Automated Expense Calculation: A particularly powerful feature is the template's automated expense calculation function. Simply record the expenses of each maintenance event, and the related total expenses will be automatically calculated, saving us a lot of time and effort otherwise spent on manual calculations.

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Vehicle Maintenance Tracker - Notion Template

7 ratings
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