Annual Subscription Tracking Management - Notion Template

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Template overview:

The Annual Subscription List is a free Notion template that helps users track and manage various subscription services in their daily work life, such as cost recording, reminder, management, etc.

The template is completely free. If you think this template is helpful, you can buy me a cup of coffee. 😊

Multiple view mode

Provides a variety of view modes, such as timeline, subscription status, service type, data chart, etc., to view and manage subscribed services according to needs.

Pre-made 40+ subscription service

Templates are prefabricated with 40+ popular subscription services, and it's easy to start record management with just a few fields.

Automatic expiration date management

Fill in the expiration date of the subscription service, and the template will automatically calculate the remaining duration and subscription status. You can also set reminders to renew (or cancel) your subscription before it expires via Notion.


  1. For new users, keep the field definition, formula, and other Settings in the database, first simple browsing and trial, familiar with the functions of the daily record and management.
  2. For your first use, click Duplicate above the link to copy the template into your Notion space.
  3. To ensure that the template can be used properly, enter and modify data according to the instructions in the template.

Thanks for using the Annual Subscription List template. We hope it will be convenient for you and optimize your subscription experience. Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions.

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年度订阅清单是一个免费的 Notion 模板,用户帮助用户管理日常工作生活中的各类订阅服务,进行费用记录、提醒、管理等操作。


提供 时间线订阅状态服务类型数据图表 等多种视图模式,可按需对订阅的服务进行分类查看、管理。

预制 60+ 订阅服务

模板预制了 60+ 常见订阅服务,只需填写几个字段,即可轻松开始记录管理。


只需填入订阅服务的到期时间,模板会自动计算剩余时长、订阅状态。您还可以设置提醒,在订阅到期之前通过 Notion 提醒续费(或取消订阅)。


  1. 对于新用户,请勿修改数据库中的字段定义、公式等设定,先进行简单的浏览和试用,熟悉各项功能后在进行日常记录和管理。
  2. 第一次使用请在链接上方点击 Duplicate 将模板复制到自己的 Notion 空间中,方可进行操作。
  3. 为了确保能够正常使用该模板,请按照模板中的指引进行数据的录入和修改。


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Annual Subscription Tracking Management - Notion Template

82 ratings
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